Life is all about movement and we have to be in motion
as much as possible to stay healthy and productive. Read blog about healthy movement and try workouts.

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The Movegeen (Movement Hygiene) project has a goal to help people all around the world to move during the day no matter where and when.

The whole unique concept is built on scientifically proven 30-minute of movement a day and very short, but effective exercises with no equipment needed and even in your business clothing.


Presentation main areas:
1) Movement Hygiene Introduction
2) Current lifestyle & system
3) What's the problem
4) Why we should pay attention...
5) RSI in numbers
6) Office workout exercises
7) Workplace ergonomics
8) UC & CS hygiene
9) Movement Tips & Tricks
10) Movegeen Online Platform

* Presentations for individuals, a small group of people and companies.
** Presentations take place preferably in the Czech Republic


Movegeen platform is an online solution providing people with exercises and blog fighting against the static and inactive lifestyle.

And there is more in the premium version!

Do the next step in your movement hygiene to feel better and buy the premium version with more videos and forum for just 2€ a month!


Movegeen days is a one day workshop divided into 30-minute blocks (or as preferred). Smaller groups of people (2-5) can ask everything about correct movement from doing exercises in the gym to having good sitting habits with hands on demonstrations.

Training blocks are focused on exercises against inactive and sedentary lifestyle right at your workplace and customized by participants' actual questions and problems.

Example topics:
1) Painfull & stiff neck and upper back
2) Lower back pain
3) Arms stretching
4) Body refresh
5) Body strengthening


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