Ing. Jakub Kudláček

Fitness Trainer with specialization on body diagnostics and rehabilitation

Healthy movement lifestyle enthusiast

Movegeen project was historically born as a fitness program for people to workout effectively and without pain. I studied wireless communications engineering at Czech Technical University, was a top ice-hockey sportsman, and as a former corporate IT employee, I have suffered from a lot of injuries and a sedentary life that has had a detrimental impact on my health. Besides other things, I broke a vertebra and was told that a wheelchair could be what awaits me. I didn’t give up and turned my life upside down. I left the corporation and was actively interested in how to avoid my disability and get back to life.

Today, as the rehabilitation fitness trainer specializing in motion diagnostics and rehabilitation, I talk about how little is needed to make a person feel much better and get more efficient at work and beyond. Recently, I focus on the healthy movement lifestyle of people and especially on people sitting at work with limited time to workout.

Fitness, IT background, a broken vertebra, every day workout (rehab) routines during 2 years and work with clients helped me to fully recover and got a unique knowledge to create this project. I decided to spread the word and help as many people as possible to rehabilitate and revitalize their bodies based on the specific body problems and pains coming from an inactive lifestyle.